Primary Care Doctors in Spokane, WA

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Primary Care Doctors - Franklin Park Urgent Care in Spokane, WA

What is a primary care physician?

A primary care physician, also known as primary care provider, is a medical health care professional who is highly trained and practices general medicine for their patients. Primary care physicians should be the first stop for medical care for all patients. Most are medical doctors, but nurse practitioners and even some physician assistants are able to also become primary care physicians.

Why should I visit a primary care physician/doctor?

A primary care physician should be the doctor that children see for their annual routine checkups or any non-emergency medical care needs. If a child has a mild fever, cough, rash, short of breath or feeling nauseated, a primary care physician can usually always find the cause of it and from there, decide what the best course of action for treatment should be.

Usually, primary care physicians are able to treat the majority of conditions in their own offices. If they cannot seem to do it in certain cases, they are able to refer their patients to a very trusted and reliable specialist who will be able to help. If a patient happens to require ongoing treatments or needs to be admitted to a hospital, a primary care physician may directly oversee their care, help them make any decisions that are related to their treatments, or refer them to additional specialists if it is needed.

One of a primary care physicians most important jobs is to help deter children from getting sick in the very first place. This is called pediatric preventive care.

When should I visit a primary care physician?

A visit to a primary care physician should be a patients’ first instincts for any medical condition that arises that is not a medical emergency. If a patient is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, the best course of action will be to dial and call 911 immediately. In the non-life-threatening emergencies, patients should visit their primary care physician if they are experiencing:

  • high fever/sweats
  • ear pain/ache
  • abdominal pain/cramping
  • headache or migraine
  • rash
  • mild wheezing/difficulty breathing
  • persistent cough (longer than 3 weeks)

Do primary care physicians take insurance?

Absolutely they do. You are able to partner with the front office medical staff to see if they accept your insurance or you are also able to reach out to your insurance provider directly and see their list of approved or “in-network” doctors that their patients can go to and be medically covered. At Franklin Park Urgent Care, we want to make sure all patients have the medical care that they need and also have access to it when they need it. For this reason, we accept most major insurance plans and offer self-pay options to those patients and families who happen to be without insurance. Call our primary care office today to see if you can make your appointment – we are always accepting new patients! Our main and primary focus is to always provide compassionate and high-quality medical care in disease/sickness prevention and health maintenance, we want our patients to maintain in a healthy state and thus contributing to the well-being of the entire community.