Minor Emergency Clinic in Spokane, WA

At Franklin Park Urgent Care Center, Our Expert Doctors & Medical Staff Treat Non-Life Threatening Injury or Illness & Minor Emergencies. Call Us Today at (509) 489-1150 or Visit Us at 5904 N Division St, Spokane, WA 99208. We Are Open Mon-Fri 8:00am-7:30pm; Sat-Sun 8:00am-4:30pm.

Minor Emergency Clinic in Spokane, WA

For a nonlife threatening injury or illness, there is no need to go to an emergency room where you would likely face long waits and a high medical bill. The Franklin Park Urgent Care Center is a minor emergency clinic serving the Spokane, WA area. At Franklin Park Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic, our expert doctors and physicians can give you immediate care on a variety of illnesses and injuries. They have years of emergency room experience and are ready to help you. No appointment is needed to be seen by any of our providers or access any of our services. We are open 7 days a week and located about 15 minutes north of downtown Spokane. Please see a list of some of our services here:

Our clinic has a digital x-ray and state of the art lab onsite. These two powerful diagnostic tools are available every day to our doctors to help diagnose you. They can get the answers they need to match the right treatment to the right ailment. You’ll be feeling better much faster once our doctors figure out the best way to treat you. Many patients come to our facility when their primary care doctor does not have the resources for lab testing or x-rays. Only an x-ray can determine if an injury is a sprain, strain, or fracture. “Waiting it out” only risks aggravating the injury which will only prolong the healing process. In some cases, permanent damage can be done. Don’t risk a lifetime of aches and pains that can be easily prevented by knowing what your injury is. We can forward results of any screening or images to your primary care doctor for further analysis. If you are sick, we can help determine what exactly you are sick from. A common cold, the flu, or strep share many similar symptoms. Only a certified test from one of our doctors using our lab will be able to determine the best treatment for you. We avoid over prescribing antibiotics, so walk in today with no appointment to find out why you are coughing and sneezing so much.

While we are here for your minor emergency care needs, our doctors also can assist you with your minor surgery needs. Have you received a deep laceration? Don’t wait hours in a waiting room of an emergency room. You’ll be seen promptly by one of our doctors and we’ll be able to suture most minor wounds. Need a skin tag or wart removed? We can have you in and out quickly with no appointment needed. Our medical clinic is fully equipped to stitch up any deep cuts you may have suffered and our doctors are highly experienced at removing stubborn skin tags and warts.

Franklin Park Urgent Care center accepts most major insurances. Visit our insurance page to see the most up to date list of carriers we currently work with. Don’t see your insurance listed? Call our friendly staff at (509) 489-1150 and we’ll do our best to research what options are available to you. Are you currently uninsured? Ask about our self-pay rates. Walk in and visit us today.

We look forward to serving you!